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Contract Operations
Water Storage and Distribution Systems
Water Treatment Facilities
Industrial Pretreatment Facilities and Programs
Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Disposal
Municipal Wastewater Treatment and Disposal
Irrigation Pumping, Storage, and Distribution Systems

Operations Troubleshooting and Optimization Development and Implementation
Preventative Maintenance Systems
Safety Programs
Industrial Pretreatment Programs
Sampling Programs
Risk Management Plans

Pilot plant development and operations for water and wastewater systems

Minor repair and upgrade of water and
wastewater systems


Turnkey design and Installation
Disinfection systems
Fluoridation systems
Small water or wastewater treatment systems
Flow metering
Pumping systems
Chemical feed systems

Calibration and Certification
Flow metering systems
Chemical feed systems
Sampling systems
Pumping systems

Training services for Operator Certification

Start-up and verification services for water and
wastewater equipment and systems

SCADA and telemetry system maintenance

Environmental permitting

Hydrant testing